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Hidden…. deep within the forest of northwestern Pennsylvania…an engineering masterpiece ...
In 1982, long before the concept of viral videos became part of our collective vernacular, a commercial took the people of Pennsylvania by storm. For most Pennsylvanians, the Eat’n Park Christmas tree commercial is one of the longest standing...
Farming the rich soil along the Ohio River in western Pennsylvania right next to humming cotton mills... Not your typical settlement on the American frontier. The village of Economy, founded in 1825 by German Lutheran separatist George Rapp, was...
If your travels should ever take you to the east side of Pennsylvania, be sure to schedule a trip to historic Pottsville, PA, or better yet, make a special trip to go there. [...]
Theories abound as to the origins of the raging underground fire that would eventually lead to the town’s demise, but most people agree that the problem began in late May of 1962. [...]
Pennsylvania is a state that is rich with history, and some areas seem to add to that legacy more than others. Victorian Bellefonte, home to seven governors, and Boalsburg, birthplace to Memorial Day, are two such towns. Each has their own collection of unique bed and breakfasts that invite you to spend the night with history. [...]
Nestled at the edge of the Allegheny National Forest, in the City of Bradford, is a new museum honoring Marilyn Horne, a small-town girl who became an internationally acclaimed opera star.

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