Off the Beaten Path

Pinpoint: Pennsylvania is a travel and lifestyle magazine for the people and written by the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It is a hiker’s collection of favorite trails in the state. It is a foodie’s review of a little-known gem of a fine dining restaurant. It is a photographer’s unique point of view of historic state landmarks. It is a collection of passionately shared memories and experiences from people just like you.

In each issue, go off the beaten path as we discover new experiences and gain different perspectives on the familiar, in areas where Pennsylvania’s offerings are rich, including Arts & Entertainment, Family Fun, Food & Drink, History, Outdoors, and Unique Places

Artisans Of PA – Dave Thomas, Blockhead’s Printing

Have you ever had the experience when looking at a piece of art that gives you chills? I believe those chills are an indication of an artist truly connecting with the passion they were born to share with others. Dave Thomas of Blockhead’s Printing exemplifies this brand of art. Dave’s art is created by linocut […]

The Legend of the Cookie Table

If you’ve ever been to a wedding in the Western Pennsylvania or Youngstown, Ohio area, chances are you experienced a wedding cookie table. Platters of lady locks, buckeyes, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, and other wonderful specialties can typically be found adorning a long, decorated banquet table. I was raised in a Greek family […]

Artisans of PA – Roy Phillips, Tin Man Roy

Roy Phillips has always been interested in history. For example, most of his hunting was done with a smoke stick (black powder), he very much enjoyed the challenge of the sport and the history behind it. But until he retired from teaching Computer Science, he didn’t know how much he was interested. He went to […]

Spring Blooms at Longwood Gardens, March 30—May 5

If you’ve never gone, you should take some time to lavish in spring splendor at Longwood Gardens. Located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, this 1,000+ acre botanical garden is worth a visit in any season, but especially in Spring. During their peak Spring bloom, the historic property and it’s 600-foot long Flower Garden Walk is home […]

Craft Brews and Spirits Across Pennsylvania: Part 2 – Distilleries

In recent years, Pennsylvania’s brewery and distillery business has boomed. Across the state, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of their own personal creativity and the customers desire for something unique and local. From beer to whiskey, there’s something for everyone. It might be right across the street from where you are currently sitting, and you don’t […]