Off the Beaten Path


Extended Shelf Life and Pinpoint Ad Visibility

The magazine is produced quarterly and is released as the seasons change. This schedule creates an anticipatory expectation of the magazine’s release and helps celebrate the official change of the travel season. Being a seasonal magazine allows the publication to remain relevant and in the viewing window for a three month period.

Pinpoint: Pennsylvania’s high ad visibility is created by the intentional reduction of advertisement space versus content. More content and less advertising means your ads are not lost in the crowd. This allows for higher visibility, creates greater impact for your ads, and a greater return on your investment.

Native Content: Tell More of Your Story with Seamlessly Designed Articles

Have more than one story to share per year? Consider Pinpoint: Pennsylvania’s native content opportunities!

Purchase any of our native content options and our creative team will work with you to design the layout of your story to fit seamlessly with the rest of the content pages in the magazine. This is not meant to be your average advertorial, and it won’t be called out as a “Special Advertising Section”.

For the best value, purchase a traditional ad space at a discounted rate to run in the same issue as your article. If you’d like to run native content in multiple issues, please contact us to work out a custom package!

Want More Advertising and Native Content Information?

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