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Extended Shelf Life and Pinpoint Ad Visibility

The magazine is produced quarterly and is released as the seasons change. This schedule creates an anticipatory expectation of the publication’s release and helps celebrate the official change of the travel season.

Pinpoint: Pennsylvania’s high ad visibility is created by the intentional reduction of advertisement space versus content. More content and less advertising means your ads are not lost in the crowd. This allows for higher visibility, creates greater impact for your ads, and a greater return on your investment.

Tell Your Story with Seamlessly Designed Articles

Custom articles offer the chance to highlight your place or event in a way that will engage readers longer than a traditional advertisement would.

This is Not Your Standard Advertorial
Our creative team will work with you to write and design your story to fit seamlessly with the rest of the content pages in the magazine.

All-inclusive Packages
All custom article packages include copywriting and graphic design, so your effort is minimal! You provide ideas and photos, we provide an article that will inspire readers to experience what you have to offer.

Digital Component Provides Added Value
Articles will also be posted to the website as each new issue is released. This means that your content will live beyond the printed issue and will be shareable on social media, generating even more exposure!

For the best value, purchase a traditional ad space at a discounted rate to run in the same issue as your article. If you’d like to run articles in multiple issues, please contact us to work out a custom package!

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