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A quarry doesn’t sound like a must-see tourist attraction but, smack dab in central Pennsylvania, the Thousand Steps hiking trail is just that and, carved into its sandstone deposits, is the history of small-town America’s labor force. Early last fall,...
At the entrance today, greeting visitors, are the original large iron gates, which are illuminated by intricate iron work [...]
In a day and age where we seem to plan out everything, I find it extremely exhilarating and quite freeing to just go for it without having a plan in place. [...]
Winter in the Laurel Highlands provides no shortage of beautiful mountain vistas, winter wonderland recreation, and plenty of activities! [...]
Lititz Fire and Ice

Lititz Fire & Ice

If you are looking for an extremely special and unique event to knock down those winter blues, the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival might just do the trick. Everything begins on Friday night the 14th of February. [...]
Whether you are interested in hiking, biking, kayaking, birdwatching or any other outdoor activity, the Lebanon Valley is the place to visit. See endangered or threatened species, kayak under a historic bridge, walk along a canal tow path or...
The beautiful colors of spring can be seen everywhere in the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region. Journey about to see abundant wildlife...

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