Sometimes we have a craving for a rich, smooth, and creamy desert after a hearty meal. Sometimes we need to fill our bellies with a little sweet treat. Well, now we can all rely on the Cheesecake Fairy to fulfill those wishes.

Jennifer Carota, Cheesecake FairyJennifer Carota comes from a long line of seasoned bakers. She caught the baking bug from her grandmother Rose who baked and sold chicken pies from her home kitchen. Here, Jennifer learned the trade of home-based entrepreneurship by providing an extra helping hand.

When her father passed away in early 2016, Jennifer needed a therapeutic outlet. As often happens in times of trouble, we lean on things from our past for help. Jennifer launched the Cheesecake Fairy as an escape from her thoughts or as she says, “to get out of my head.” She began to lose herself in creation and when those creations were completed, she found herself again in the joyful faces of others as they tasted her delectable treats. This outcome confirmed the passionate feelings she had been having and she has since turned all of it into a thriving business.

Uniquely packaged in the signature jar, Cheesecake Fairy cheesecakes are perfectly portioned, easily portable, and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, they are endlessly tasty. Cheesecake Fairy cheesecakes can be found at By George restaurant in Monessen, PA and The Country Store Café and the Milk House Market in Belle Vernon, PA. The Cheesecake Fairy will also be joining the seasonal Sweete Shop at Overly Country Christmas in Greensburg, PA. She can also be found online at

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