Hand Painted Scarves by Gina Butera“I’ve always wanted to work in a creative, colorful, and artistic environment, so I am thrilled to presently be using my hands to make my dream a reality. I’m happiest working with color, making beautiful things, and if I can create something that brings a person joy, then I’ve further accomplished my goal,” states Gina Butera.

Gina’s love of all things creative and colorful started early in life. During her teenage years she began sewing and creating unique clothing, so it was not a stretch that her favorite class in high school was art, especially as she learned how to draw with pastels.

After working in corporate Accounting for 11 years, Gina stepped out of her comfort zone and pursued a career as an Image Consultant. This position entailed color analysis, cosmetic application, wardrobe planning, and shopping with clients. Once she married and had her 2 sons, she specialized in bridal cosmetics. Cultivating this skill set through the years has laid the foundation for her continued desire to help women look their best.

Throughout that time, Gina never lost her desire to undertake creative and colorful projects, which eventually led her to explore art again by taking up watercolor painting. She continues to paint canvases, but has also birthed a creative business hand painting silk scarves, which are wearable art that can bring new life to a woman’s wardrobe. She truly has a passion for flowing with color, be it on canvas or silk. Gina’s next venture will be creating hand painted men’s silk ties to expand her offerings.

Outside of her creative business, Gina’s family delivers a different level of joy. She’s been married to her supportive husband, Dave, for 24 years and they have 2 wonderful sons, Christian and Peter. Since the nest is almost empty, this ushers in a new season for Gina and her husband. As Gina started taking a watercolor painting class this past year, it has led to her painting on silk. Dave and her sons have been very encouraging as this has blossomed into a productive and fulfilling business.

Gina’s enduring work philosophy and belief is that you should truly enjoy your work and when you do, your talents flow and you naturally do a better job. She has advised her sons to do the same and follow their natural talents—and she cannot wait to see how they manifest this in their future.

Hand Painted Scarves by Gina ButeraGina absolutely loves to watercolor paint on canvas and paints on silk almost daily to fulfill her need to create. Not only does she find painting relaxing, but she is often so fulfilled that she loses track of time, primarily because “the ideas, designs, and color combinations are endless!”

She further believes that when God places a gift in you, it will continue to flow as you cultivate and appreciate it. Gina states, “I feel extremely blessed to be able to do something I truly love everyday. If you ask me what I want to do when I retire, well, I’m already doing it!”

Kim Guthrie leveraged her passion, skills, and experience gleaned from both her 16-year teaching career in Multi-Media & English and her 2-year stint as the Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator for a healthcare agency into owning her own graphic and web design business, Joyous Graphics Lab. Kim excels at bringing each client’s vision to life, while infusing her own recognizable style in each design project she tackles.