In the western half of Adams County lies over 20,000 acres with soil so fertile that many compare it to the soil found in Italy. The Historic South Mountain Fruit Belt – America’s Orchard – boasts rich soils, well drained and perfect for producing some of the best fruit that you can find in the United States.

Much like the tobacco growing industry in Pennsylvania, the production of apples and peaches are largely overlooked and unknown. Adams County is the 6th largest producer of apples and peaches in the nation. Nearly three-quarters of restaurants in America serve Adams County produce.

Travel across the rolling hills, tour the orchards, and visit farm stands. Be sure to plan a trip in the fall to the National Apple Harvest Festival. The festival, held annually during the first two full-weekends in October is located just 10-miles west of historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Here you can enjoy a variety of crafts, music and food, including fresh apple cider, warm apple fritters, and many more items featuring this celebrated fruit. Read more about the history of the National Apple Harvest Festival here.

National Apple Harvest Festival
Photo Courtesy of National Apple Harvest Festival
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