Superman has his Fortress of Solitude. Batman has his Batcave. Linelle Grosick has her Bow Lair.

Tired of buying hairbows for her two daughters, Linelle decided to start making her own. Pairing her favorite saying “suck it up buttercup” with her hobby of bow making, Buttercups Bows was born. Linelle handcrafts all types of bow-ccessories such as hairbows, headbands, box bows, keychains and dog bows using ribbon and faux leather to make her original designs a reality.

Linelle fell in love with the design work behind making the bows and the happiness each one of a kind bow brings. The hobby turned business endeavor takes each member of her family. Piper, Linelle’s eldest daughter, has a bow for each outfit and is her assistant for her shows. While not as into bows as her older sister, Harper, Linelle’s younger daughter, assists with the designing of bows and preparation for the shows. Steve, her husband, helps with show displays.

The business was put on hold for about 6 months after moving to a new home. Once getting settled in, Linelle began crafting again and showcasing her bows at local shows. Her designs were warmly received at the events and within the community spurring the officially licensing of Grosick Designs LLC in early 2018.

Linelle has made bows for sports teams to bridal veils or solo bows holiday themed or covered in glitter.

If Linelle isn’t showcasing her skills at a craft or vendor show, you can check out Buttercups Bows on Facebook or Instagram @buttercups_bows, email her directly at, or place an order on her website Her creations are now being showcased at M & H Boutique as well, which is located at 717 Millers Run Road, McDonald, PA.