Whether it be stairs to seemingly nowhere in Pittsburgh’s Southside or an abandoned farmhouse and barn in Lancaster, if you have ever traveled throughout state, you have seen those odd and mysterious locations. You have also probably heard infamous legends of the Green Man that haunts tunnels in a desolate dark valley. Or tales of a burned down orphanage on a hill, where screams are said to be heard at all hours on the eve of a full moon. From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, folklore legends abound.

On Coyle Curtain Road in Monongahela, just such a building exists. The center of endless lore over the years, the building that is currently known as the Demon House Haunted Attraction, stands shrouded in tales of past terrors.

There is an actual grave in the back yard, and there could potentially be others buried elsewhere. It is very likely that stories of a witch having lived there and performed witchcraft are true, and she may have even cursed the land. These are just a few of the elements that make this property so mysterious.

Named Emerald Hill House by earlier owners, there have always been ample rumors of haunted activity that swarmed the 19-room mansion, which was originally commissioned in the late 19th century. But it seems that with the addition of the haunted house, not only was the activity confirmed, but it was also amplified.

Chris and Veronica Pirt both worked as special effects make-up artists at the Demon House before jumping at the opportunity 4 years ago to own Monongahela’s haunted attraction. Chris, a graduate of Tom Savini’s School for Special Make-Up Effects which is located just down the river in Monessen, was aware that the previous owner had been having some spirit encounters but hadn’t experienced anything himself. Until he and his wife became owners of the property, that is. That’s when things got weird.

As Chris worked on all of the sets throughout the haunted house, which he hand-built himself, he was reminded that although he may have been working alone, he was not left unsupervised. Phantom footsteps were heard. Cabinets opened by themselves. A child’s ball was moved from one room to another and rolled across the floor.

These encounters with the spirit realm continue today. Even when locked, the heavy front door flings open. Blacked out figures wander the premises. Visitors compliment the young Victorian actress on the second floor. Except the actress doesn’t actually exist.

In Spring of 2019, Jack and Katrina from the Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell series were the first to brave an investigation at the Demon House. Their research into local historical records showed that those who lived in the house did indeed suffer many tragedies. The evidence they collected, including intelligent communication recorded during their EVP sessions confirmed this. They concluded that this mansion is without a doubt inhabited by spirits who could very likely be the original owners, looking to take back their home.

Plan Your Trip…

The Demon House will be open for the 2019 Halloween season every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through November 3.

Jason Krysinski is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania. He’s been in hotel management for 18 years. He’s passionate about writing, food, history, and travel. Writing for Pinpoint unifies all of his passions. He’s always looking to discover new and off the beaten path locations throughout the state. If you have any suggestions, email him at jason@pinpointpennsylvania.com