There are many benefits to having both a debit and credit card, as most consumers know. But how do you know when to use which one? As a general rule, when traveling or purchasing online, a credit card is the safest and most trusted option.
Here are some tips to make your vacation as smooth as can be.

1. Before heading out of town, contact your bank and credit card company to make sure that they have your cell phone number in case they need to contact you to verify a transaction as well as the dates and locations that you’ll be visiting. This will delay any transactions being declined since they may appear suspect. It is also a great idea to download the bank or credit card company app to keep an eye on transactions that post in real time.

2. Know your transaction limits. Most debit cards have a daily point of sale limit amount. It is important to know what that limit is, should you opt to use the debit card. If the current limit is not sufficient for what you need, contact the bank at least a week in advance to secure the amount needed. Credit cards are also limited to the available credit; ensure that there is sufficient availability.

3. Keep a buffer for hotel charges. As soon as you book the room, you’ll be asked for a card number to secure the reservation. For example, when your debit card is processed by the hotel, you may see the amount of your daily rate, taxes, and incidental charges which are typically $50 per day, will be immediately removed from your bank account. Upon check out, you may notice something that looks like a double bill posting to the account, but it is the final billing. This can be incredibly challenging if there are not sufficient balances to cover. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use a credit card for your room booking.

Following these tips will ensure a smooth check in an a much more relaxing vacation!

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