As you walk through the streets of Philadelphia, you cannot help but reflect upon the past. It is extremely easy to think about the famous feet that once walked the cobblestone roads. But if you find yourself having a hard time connecting to the past, there is one historic location that makes it easy to align all your senses with those of our founding fathers. The sights, sounds, libations and food of the City Tavern are sure to transport you right back to 1773.

Located at the corner of South 2nd Street at Walnut Street, the City Tavern proudly represents a time that is difficult to picture in our modern world. But their original recipes, made fresh daily with locally sourced produce, will tempt your taste buds and satisfy your stomach.

From the moment you enter the front door, the décor, the staff wardrobe, and the overall ambience takes you to another time. Have a seat, sit back and relax, drink a glass of water from a pewter mug by candlelight and let the spirits of our American ancestors join you on this journey.

Enjoy a libation of our founding fathers if you wish. Choose from a variety of ales taken from the pages of documented recipes of the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Or if spirits are more your speed, take a taste of Martha Washington’s Shrub which dates to the 1500’s. Her recipe from 1753 uses fruit juice vinegar sweetened with sugar and spiked with alcohol or fizzed with soda water. Today though, they offer raspberry as their featured flavor.

Turkey Pot Pie at City Tavern

Start off your dinner with a spicy West Indies Pepperpot soup or a New England Corn Chowder. Follow up that fantastic array of flavors with evening fare that features dishes such as braised rabbit and tenderloin tips with mushrooms. Or indulge in the crowd-favorite original-recipe colonial turkey pot pie. With tender chunks of turkey, mushrooms, early peas, red potatoes, sherry cream sauce & flaky pastry crust, this meal will fill you up and make you smile.

Be sure to leave room for dessert as the staff will wheel out the variety of confections that are sure to please your palate. Choose from freshly made cheesecake or a traditional crème brulee amongst other choices.

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