In recent years, Pennsylvania’s brewery and distillery business has boomed. Across the state, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of their own personal creativity and the customers desire for something unique and local.

From beer to whiskey, there’s something for everyone. It might be right across the street from where you are currently sitting, and you don’t even know it.

The following listings are just the beginning of what you can find.

Boardroom Spirits

From the moment you walk into the tasting room at Boardroom Spirits, you know that you have arrived at a special place. The rustic ambiance comforts you as it draws you in. You feel at home as you pull a stool up to the bar and the atmosphere embraces you.

The staff are extremely polite and knowledgeable about anything, but be sure to ask them about the Boardroom Periodic Table of Spirits. That would be A, B, C, and P, which are spirits distilled from fruits and vegetables. They are 95% alcohol by volume and some of the most unique liquids you will ever imbibe.

A is for apple. An apple brandy that is crisp clean and with a touch of sweetness. B is for beet. Made with real beets it’s a distilled spirit with earthy richness. C is for carrot. A carrot distilled spirit whose natural sweetness shows through. P is for pear. There’s two of these gems, either Bartlett or D’anjou. Both are excellent and have very different flavors that need to be tasted to be understood.

In addition to the periodic table, Boardroom crafts classic spirits such as gin, rum, and vodka. Everything is carefully and meticulously crafted on site. Swing by and kick back after a long day of fall foliage viewing.

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